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“As a funded startup, we needed our books in order every month and insight into our company’s expenses and revenue growth. Lumen Advisory & Finance made that easy.”

— Chad Harrington, Far Better

“As a video production company the back office nightmare is ever present when it comes to managing bill payments, filing 1099’s, etc. Lumen Advisory & Finance has really gone above and beyond to really get to know our business and work with us closely on a day to day basis.”

— Ryan Byrne, The Buzz Lab

“We were using an old clunker payroll system that required lots of manual review and work. Lumen Advisory & Finance set us up on their software suite and now manage our payroll, HR and the notices from the IRS and state agencies for us. The payroll headache is gone.”

— Herbert, Uhl, MobiChord

“As a business owner, I thought I could do taxes all myself. I quickly realized that I was overwhelmed with quarterly taxes, employment tax, etc. Lumen Advisory & Finance helped me get a better hold on my business and taxes.”

— Cyndi Bird, We Can Inc.

“Lumen Advisory & Finance set us up on cloud software, took the pain out of management reporting and now provides critical oversight to our business status on a monthly basis. In a rapidly growing business, we cannot emphasize enough how much their services have helped in so many ways.”

— Martin Roe, Dirty Robber

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