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Accounting Services for the Future Economy

Rapidly changing what people think of their accountants

A place where coaching meets accounting

We take coaching to the next level. Leverage our knowledge and experience with weekly and monthly touch points to review your pipeline, manage cash, and see your future.

Integrate your accounting and finance under one suite of services to streamline how you make business decisions.

“The LAF team provided the systems and guidance we needed to grow from a$ 4 million a year to a $15 million a year company.”

Martin RoeFounder, Dirty Robber

“Their turnkey financial systems and processes gave us the structure and information we needed, while adapting to rapid growth on the fly.”

Kingsley AdvaniCEO, Allocations

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life

Business Structure

Choose the entity that minimizes taxes and maintains the flexibility to achieve your business goals.


Use our suite of payroll, bookkeeping, and bill payment software to streamline back-office processes and make sure your books are accurate

Virtual CFO

Take our flashy reports and make something useful of them. Meet with us weekly to talk about pipeline, cash flow, and your business' future

Tax & Compliance

We package up all your tax compliance into one bucket so it's easy to see what needs done each year - And then we make sure it all gets filed for you.

Our company mission is to provide exceptional information and coaching to our clients

  • Think in the client’s shoes
  • Proactively communicate
  • Don’t use complexity as a weapon
  • Be upfront and straightforward

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together