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10 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

At one point I worked in an office that had a single cup coffee brewer AND the employer provided the pods. Though I know, compared to the break rooms of some large companies that coffee maker does not seem like much, I really felt like I was living the high life when I would waltz in with my mug and brew up a cup of joe whenever I felt like it.

The employer also provided other pods that weren’t just coffee, such as hot chocolate. It started innocently enough on a chilly day, around 2 p.m., when I was hitting my lull. I treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate as a way to perk up. The thing is, little treats like that can become hard habits to break. Soon enough, most afternoons I was heading to the break room for some sugary cocoa. Though it was enjoyable to drink, it didn’t actually give me any extra energy, not to mention it wasn’t a very healthy choice on an everyday basis.

Office break rooms are notorious for being a scene of unhealthy choices. The table is usually a dumping ground for all of the leftover cookies from company meetings or birthday cake brought in from family parties over the weekend. If there is a vending machine, most likely it is still filled with chips and candy bars. All of these things can sound delicious in the middle of the afternoon, but will they actually help you have a more productive day? Nope! They are definitely not healthy snacks.

(And don’t think just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean you are exempt from sneaking in an unhealthy snack–it’s just as easy to justify chocolate in the afternoon from a home office–especially if your kids’ leftover Halloween candy is still around).

In order to help you get a boost of energy during the work day, here are a few simple healthy snacks to try:

1. Hummus and vegetables

Hummus and a vegetable to dip in it is a winning combination. Cucumber slices, baby carrots, and bell pepper strips are all easy to scoop up hummus with. This is a snack that is nutrient dense and protein packed.

2. Nuts

Nuts are often everything you want in a snack: savory, crunchy, portable, and easy to pop into your mouth. Not only that, they are filled with healthy fats and protein, making them a much better choice than their distant cousin–the potato chip.

3. Avocados (with or without the toast)

Packed with healthy fats, avocados are perfect healthy snack

By now most people know about the millennial meal of choice–the avocado toast. Avocados can still be delicious without the toast, and they are pretty easy to bring to work. Simply slice open the avocado, scoop out the pit, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and eat with a spoon! Of course, if you have access to a toaster at work, spreading your avocado on a piece of whole wheat toast is another delicious and healthy snack option.

4. Healthy Brownies

This definitely seems like an oxymoron, right? These brownies are only made with 3 ingredients and help you to satisfy your sweet tooth with antioxidant rich and protein packed ingredients that are also full of omega-3s. Mix together, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond butter, and ripe bananas for a delicious treat. Click here for the recipe. Healthy snacks that taste like dessert? Sign me up please!

5. Fruit and Peanut Butter

Fruits and peanut butter are great healthy snacks

Classic fruit and PB combos usually include apples or bananas, but the sweetness of many fruits can usually taste good with the saltiness of peanut butter. Filled with natural sugar and protein, this delicious snack is a much better choice than any sort of processed candy bar you may find in a vending machine. Plus, consider keeping a jar of peanut butter in your desk to make it easy to pack the snack and in case of a hunger emergency.

6. Hard boiled eggs

Inexpensive, easy to pack, tasty, and filled with protein. Check, check, check!

7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is another great option out there for sweet tooths. (Sweet teeth?) . Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, but unless you are buying 100% cocoa dark chocolate, know that there is still sugar in it, so proceed with caution and don’t go overboard.

8. Cheese sticks

String cheese or plain old cheese sticks are not just for kids’ lunch boxes. This is another protein packed snack that is easy to throw in your bag on a busy morning.

9. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of 10 healthy snacks that are easy to bring to work

Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, and it also contains more protein. It can be delicious eaten on its own, or you can mix it with berries, nuts, high fiber cereal, or a drizzle of honey.

10. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a very versatile snack because you can doctor it up to make it savory or sweet. You can top it with fruit such as bananas, peaches, or berries. Or, mix in some pesto and eat it with crackers.

We may not be chefs, but once you are properly fueled and ready to go, we would love to help you with your business! Contact us at Lumen Advisory and Finance.