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13 Accounting Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

In the past few years, Halloween has extended from one night on October 31 to a whole month filled with tricks and treats. If you are a Halloween lover you may have had your costume ready since last November, but some of us are just beginning to think about how we should dress up this All Hallow’s Eve or for any of the events beforehand. There are plenty of clever costume ideas out there, and I’m sure this year the streets will be full of Marvel superheroes, characters from Stranger Things, and maybe even a few Prince Harry and Meghan Markles.

We have a few specific costume ideas that you’ll notice all have a common theme: accounting and finance. Though it’s not the traditional route for a Halloween costume, we think wearing one of these to an office party or just out with your kids on Halloween night will get a few chuckles or nods of appreciation.

13 Accounting Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Calculator

Crunching numbers is exactly what people think of when they think of an accountant, so what better costume than a calculator? This costume can be made a few different ways. First, you could create a sandwich board type costume out of a cardboard box and draw or tape the calculator buttons on one side. Or, head to the thrift shop for a plain black sweatshirt you are willing to sacrifice. With a little bit of fabric paint and duct tape you can create a calculator costume that is simple, warm, and comfortable.

2. Taxed to death

This is a great costume for someone with a penchant for gore. Check out this example and see how you can easily recreate it yourself with a few blank tax forms and some fake blood.

3. Money

Simple, basic, and plenty of different ways to accomplish this costume. Order a money costume off of Amazon, or use some cardboard and green construction paper to make one yourself.

4. Angela, Oscar, Kevin from The Office

Angela, Oscar, and Kevin might be television’s favorite accounting trio. You can use this as a group costume, or simply choose one of the characters to dress up as. The best part is that you can probably come up with this costume based on clothing items you already have in your home.

Click here for a guide to an Angela costume, and re-watch some of your favorite episodes to get some Kevin or Oscar inspiration.

5. The Green Eyeshade

This isn’t a costume in itself, but put on a green visor and some suspenders and you can be an old-fashioned accountant. Green eye shades were used in professions, such as accounting, to reduce strain on the eyes.

6. Zombie accountant

How do you become a zombie accountant? Easy. Tear up an old suit, add a little fake blood and face paint, and perfect your zombie walk.

7. Andy Dufresne of The Shawshank Redemption

The wrongfully convicted of murder banker that uses his accounting skills to help launder money may not necessarily be your idea of an accounting mentor, but this is a pretty fun and simple costume to pull off. Check it out here, or simply make your own.

8. Norm from Cheers

Norm! If you didn’t remember, Norm is another one of TV’s accountants. If you are a Cheers fan, then this is a perfect costume for you. I’m guessing that everyone will know your name.

9. Ghostbusters‘ Louis Tully

Dressing up as a Ghostbuster isn’t a new thing, but you might get some surprised looks when you explain that you are dressing as a Ghostbuster because Louis Tully is an accountant.

10. Sesame Street’s Count von Count

He may not actually be an accountant, but this number loving children’s character is inspiring future accountants all over. Count von Count is a fun costume for an adult or a child.

11. Bank Robber

Black pants, black and white striped shirt, black beanie, plus a sack with a dollar sign on it. Simple, inexpensive, and easy.

This can also be modified into a fun costume to do as a whole family. Do you have a small baby at home? Dress up the baby as the sack of money!

12. Ebenezer Scrooge

This grumpy, money loving miser is usually a character thought of around Christmastime. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start counting your coins and “bah humbug-ing” in October. Pull out a cane, three piece suit, and a top hat and find a fake gray beard. Or, you can go with Scrooge in his PJs and sleeping cap.

13. Tax deduction

This costume really only works for a small baby. Everyone knows children are expensive, but the one financially positive aspect is the tax deduction you can get the year a child is born. Dress up your baby with dollar signs and a sign that says “tax deduction” and you are sure to get some laughs.

Do you have any other costume ideas? Let us know! Also, we can help with more than just Halloween preparations–contact us at Lumen Advisory and Finance for more information about our financial services.