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As a SaaS company, you have some unique advantages and disadvantages that affect how customers perceive, relate to, and use your service. Having an intangible product, working with a technology-centered brand, and providing a complex service are all aspects of SaaS companies that set them apart to their customers for better or for worse.

In general, a successful marketing campaign is one that speaks to the customer’s pain points and guides them to an empowering solution. SaaS companies have to accomplish this in their marketing just like everyone else, but they have a few other things to consider along the way as well. Here’s a list of three things SaaS companies should be thinking about when they create their marketing campaigns in order to better communicate with their target audience.

1.Focus on modernity- Software tends to adopt one of two brand images: complex and boring, or modern and cool. Marketing your software successfully depends on your ability to cater your brand identity to this modern, cool image. Your customers are looking into software as a way to take their company to the next level and to keep up with the changing times. You want to make sure that your service offers them this experience and gets them excited and motivated to incorporate technological innovations into their company.

2. Keep things simple- One of the biggest mistakes SaaS companies can make when marketing their product is overestimating how much a customer wants and needs to know about the inner workings of the product. When you work for a company, it is required that you know all of the intricacies of the service you offer and how everything works, and once this information becomes general knowledge, it may seem like it’s important to convey in marketing materials. However, the reality is that for customers, these details are simply excess information that doesn’t serve them and often overwhelms them, leading them to abandon research on your product. Break your information down as far as you think it needs to go, and then break it down further. You need to get the general point across in layman’s terms while keeping your marketing focused on how your product solves your customer’s problems.

3. Make awesome content- The last tip is to make sure your marketing materials offer interesting, informative, useful content. This doesn’t mean talking incessantly about your product (see above); it means understanding your customer’s wants and needs and bringing them information that will help them succeed, even if it’s not directly related to your service. SaaS companies like Hubspot and GrooveHQ succeed in marketing because they have paved the way as thought leaders for their customers through their marketing. Your customers are looking to you as a resource for information in the industry. They are buying your software to grow and succeed as a company, and because they assume that you know how to streamline processes and achieve results better than they can. Don’t leave them hanging. 

SaaS companies have a unique position in today’s global market as innovative thought leaders. Make sure your company keeps a fresh, modern, and informative image going so that it can attract and retain customers as the industry grows even more competitive.