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Founded Just Four Years Apart, Vend And Xero Are Two Very Complementary Cloud-Based Platforms.

Since they began in 2010, Vend has grown incredibly fast due to their successful online point of sale (POS) software, while Xero has continued to grow in the U.S., and on a global scale, as an online accounting alternative to QuickBooks.

Although both companies have been in business for less than ten years, Vend and Xero have succeeded in providing exceptional software and service in a market that continues to be fast-growing and very competitive.

In this post I am assuming you are already a Vend customer, but you are not currently using Xero as your accounting platform, or vice versa. So, with that being our starting point, let’s take a look at my top five reasons you should connect Vend to Xero.

1. Integrated, Not Interfaced

Connecting Vend and Xero benefits both platforms, whether you are connecting from Vend or from Xero. Note: these two systems should not be interfaced, but rather integrated, as Interfacing refers to two independent parts interacting but lacking compatibility, while integrating refers to two compatible parts joining and functioning together.

While interfacing does eliminate double-entry, it misses the boat on real-time functions, where as integrating has many benefits including the following:

  • Uses the same data files, allowing contacts, invoices and transactions to be shared
  • Provides real-time functions, making everything up-to-date and consolidated
  • Able to share reports, custom invoice branding, and account analysis

2. Synergy

Imagine yourself working alone. Could you be efficient in getting everything done? Possibly, but sometimes this kind of “efficiency” can be a bad thing, when what we really need is synergy.

Synergy is the effect when two parts work together and perform better than if done separately. By connecting Vend and Xero, these tasks are no longer done separately, they are done together, and this makes you much more efficient, in the good way.

At times, the impossible can become possible, whether its increasing sales, achieving a company goal, or leaving work early and being happy at the end of the day. Now that’s what I call synergy!

3. Less Bad, More Good

Once Vend and Xero are connected and working together, mundane or repetitive company tasks become efficient because of less manual data-entry, or duplicate data-entry. With less data-entry comes less room for possible errors. This also leads to less confusion and more understanding of your books, because a simpler process is always easier to learn and maintain.

4. Real-Time Updates

Both Vend and Xero provide real-time services, meaning updates are instant. Real-time services are valuable due to increased accuracy, stronger forecasts, less wait time and increased response times. With that being said, beware of connecting either of these software platforms to another software that are not real-time data providers, as it could greatly diminish the benefit of real-time services, and real-time reporting.

Wrapping Up

Above are just 4 reasons I think you should seriously consider connecting Vend to Xero, but there are many more.

Let me wrap up by saying this. The people people at Vend and Xero are fun to work with. Just watch their videos and you will see why. What a difference it makes when people you work with are not only professional and skilled, but are known for being cheerful, fun, creative, and who love their job. When all of that is in play, most often it means you are getting a great product and service.

Well, there you have it. If you have any comments, questions, or other reasons why you love the interface between Vend and Xero, please leave them in the comments section below. And, if you would like more information, or help setting up the integration between Vend and Xero, we are here to help.