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The way we do business is changing each and every day.

Being able to stay focused to make money for your small businesses is an essential principle of ensuring future success. When we look at outsourcing as a means to hire out tasks that we simply can’t do or tasks that are simple and repetitive, then it starts making sense to why we should opt to do it. ‘

You may ask yourself what are the tasks that small business could be outsourcing? Today we will go over some ideas to give you a better understanding of what’s possible.

What are 5 Tasks That Small Business Should Be Outsourcing as a Service?

In today’s busy world, it’s all about optimization of your time and staying focused on what’s important. We use services in just about every task in our daily lives, so why not treat outsourcing as a service too? Let’s look at five of our recommendations below.

1. Accounting/Bookkeeper

It’s important to make the folks at the IRS happy, and this is best done by accountants who keep us out of trouble by advising us what we can and can’t do. Even if you have a trusted accountant to handle all of your small business accounting, and taxes you may want to look for a virtual bookkeeper to to outsource accounting to handle your day to day accounting operations.

2. General Virtual Assistant (GVA)

Sometimes you may not find someone in your local area to be your assistant, but there are so many people that are available through a good outsourced web service.

GVA’s can be a godsend if you are looking for a worker who can handle most administrative or technical services for you. GVA’s can also help you do daunting tasks that you don’t want to face on a day to day basis such as:

  • filtering email
  • database building and updating
  • or even chat support.

3. Virtual Content Writer (VCW)

Virtual content writers are extremely useful when you have any material that needs to be developed. If you have to do a lot of online marketing that has to deal with site creation, social media promotion it pays off to have a few VCW’s.

VCW’s can do tasks such as

  • blog post creation
  • SEO writing
  • newsletters
  • press releases
  • and email marketing.

4. Web Developer

You may think that you have a decent looking web page because you purchased a simple package and did a little customization on your part, but it may be a catastrophe because you don’t have any experience with coding. A web developer can have your dream come together how you want it without breaking the bank.

Having a virtual web developer for your small business makes sense because they can handle tasks like:

  • supporting and developing WordPress
  • installation of themes
  • handle site maintenance
  • take care of payments
  • and handle email ticketing support.

5. Video Editor

Right now, video content is used by every major business to market their product or service. While editing video is becoming easier with cell phones and computers, the purpose of hiring virtual audio and video production is to save you time, and halp you get to market faster.

It takes a lot of time to edit videos. Video editors can:

  • edit your audio and video files
  • remove background noise
  • add intros and ending credits
  • and can even set up Podcasts for you.


As you can have concluded today, outsourcing can be an excellent solution to staying focused on what matters most, and that’s making money for your small business.

Today we’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jobs that can be outsourced. It’s up to you to make wise decisions and do what’s best for yourself, your businesses and reputation.