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Free Payroll Management! See below for details.

It Just Makes Sense

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Lucid specializes in being the accounting & finance department for tech-savvy businesses across the US. Gusto is an important piece of the financial arm of a business and we love that they make it much simpler for us.

Lucid HR and Payroll Management is FREE

We essentially act as an outsourced HR/payroll function for our clients. We help manage employee onboarding, termination, and compliance.
We should also mention: It’s free for Gusto customers with > 10 employees.

How can we do that?
At less than 10 employees, Gusto automates most of that work, so it’s a no-brainer for us.

You might wonder, how do you make money then? Fair question.

We like to see you grow. As you grow, the compliance and HR function gets heavier and you’ll need more expertise. At that point, we’ll start charging for our service. We only want to charge in areas of your business where we add value.

Additional Services

We provide a one-stop-shop for small businesses. From full-service bookkeeping to budgeting and equity funding. Check out what we do!

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