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Lately, after making some changes to our site, I’ve been thinking about how to use your website to find new customers. These days, a lot of us have marketing software that lets us know when people come to our website. This can be really encouraging, as it allows us to catch people that came to our site without necessarily buying anything. It shows that your marketing is working, a google search worked in your favor, or that they heard a positive review from a friend that led them to your page. If your software allows you to, this might be a good opportunity to track how exactly they wound up on your site so that you can make sure to keep doing more of whatever is working. If you don’t have the technology to track their journey to their site, you can put up a “how did you hear about us” question on your homepage as an alternative. Either way, pinning down the people who visit your site and how they got there is a great way to find new customers.

Another great way to use your website to find new customers is to start reaching out and creating partnerships with similar companies. If you link out to other pages on your site, you can contact the company and ask them to return the favor by putting a link to your page on their site. This kind of exchange is mutually beneficial and helps to build the traffic on both your site and theirs. And this can be a great way to find new customers by reaching out to a completely different audience through your partner’s viewers.

You can also simply include a survey on your website. It’s simply false that people don’t like filling out surveys—many people do take the time to respond. You should always have one on your website because any and all responses you get will be a great source of information and can help guide your marketing efforts.

Lastly, one of the best ways to use your website to gain customers is to have awesome informative content. If you don’t already have a blog, you should consider starting one, not only to bring more traffic to your site, also to nurture your cold leads into warm ones. By providing informative, fun content, you can build your website visitor’s trust until they are ready to commit to becoming a customer. It’s important to have an identity that surpasses just selling your product. If you manage to be an authoritative, expert voice in your industry, you’re using your website the right way.

Your website is one of your most useful sales and marketing tools. Make sure it is appealing, informative, and user-friendly, and make sure you are using the right strategies so that every visitor fulfills their potential as a customer.