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8 Best Blogs to Follow About Small Business Accounting, Revised 2019

In 2015 we published a post entitled, “The 8 Best Blogs To Follow About Small Business Accounting.” Four years later, we are still blog readers, and we are going to take a look at that list and see it is still holds true.

Blogs are a great way to learn about new trends in a field, keep up with technology, or simply get a behind the scenes glimpse into another company. Plus, you can get some good ideas and inspiration for your own blog while reading others.

So, here is a revised version of the best blogs to follow about small business accounting. You will see a lot of repeats form our original 2015 list, but some changes as well.

Revised: 8 Best Blogs to Follow about Small Business Accounting (2019)

1. Xero Blog

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Xero, and their blog is no exception to our admiration. The New Zealand based accounting software company offers a blog that is a wealth of information.

Their blog posts range from personal profiles about their employees (“Humans of Xero” series) to informative posts about using their software. The blog is updated frequently, and continues to be a good resource for researching add on products, and various platforms for accounting clients.

2. QuickBooks Blog

It’s hard to not think about QuickBooks when you think about accounting. The QuickBooks Blog offers advice for using their accounting software, but the blog is still worth checking out even if you are not a QuickBooks user. They also have posts with general small business and accounting advice.

The blog’s landing page is easy to navigate with category headings at the top of the page: News, Thought Leadership, What’s New in QBO, Innovation, Accountant Advice, and Customer Profiles. Clicking on what you are interested will help you find the information you desire more quickly.

3. Accountex Blog

We loved this blog before when it was The Sleeter Group Blog, and we continue to love it now as Accountex.

This blog is very useful as it has posts and reviews about accounting softwares such as Xero and Quickbooks and other accounting technologies. The blog also boasts a big pool of writers with a wide variety of experiences.

4. AccountingWeb Blog

AccountingWeb has a blog with posts written by accountants for accountants. As managing editor Seth Finberg states, “AccountingWEB is designed for accounting professionals in practice to teach and learn from each other.”

It is filled with useful tips about taxes, retirement plans, and current events that impact the accounting world.

5. Accounting Today Blog

Accounting Today is a good place to check in for accounting news and events. It has an easy to access drop down menu to help you locate posts among the following categories: Audit & Accounting, Financial Planning, Tax, Technology, Practice Management, and Voices.

6. Thriveal Blog

Thriveal was founded by Jason Blumer in 2010 as a community for CPAs who have started their own firms. Its blog builds upon that concept and consists of posts dealing with accounting, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Are you more of an audio learner? There is also a Thriveal podcast that you can check out.

7. Gusto Blog

Gusto used to go by the name of Zen Payroll and it is a payroll software for businesses that can also to help manage benefits and other HR responsibilities. Gusto consists of helpful information and news about the Gusto software, payroll tips, and other business related posts.

8. Blake Oliver Blog

Blake Oliver is a CPA (and former Cello performance major) who hopes that his blog will “…help you survive and thrive among the robots.” He writes blog posts about the changes in accounting technology and how those will impact accounting.

Recognized two years in a row on CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 under 40 list, Oliver provides useful and insightful information. Plus, he even links some of his old cello audition videos.

8 Best Blogs to Follow About Small Business Accounting, Revised 2019

Fill up your mug of coffee, turn on your computer and dive in to some of our favorite blogs.

If you know of any accounting blogs that we have missed, please let us know in the comments-we’d love to check them out!

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