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Big data is sort of a big thing. Everything we do can be measured, valued and predicted.

Fortunately, and unlike large corporations, our data is not as “big” but can be just too complex for us to tackle alone. This is where CrunchBoards comes into play.

As a financial analysis engine, CrunchBoards takes your data further than Xero, QuickBooks or any other accounting software. At Lucid Books, we love CrunchBoards because it just gets started where Xero stops.

CrunchBoards starts by connecting seamlessly into Xero, updating three times daily. Once connected, you have complete control to build limitless data boards that literally do all the number crunching for you. Picture CrunchBoards as a spreadsheet that does everything a spreadsheet can do, except without a spreadsheet! With limitless boards, organizations and users you can share data boards for needed analysis and collaboration.

As a financial analysis engine, CrunchBoards operates in real-time built with sufficient KPIs, visual options and forecasting tools. Reporting includes VAT/GST calculations along with a 360 degree view of your financial reports that can all fit onto one screen. In other words, your boards can be adaptive, whether for possible growth, decline or however many possible ideas you think may happen, CrunchBoards helps you be ready.


There are several things we love about CrunchBoards as we have been helping our clients use the platform. Our services include the following:

  • Managing data boards
  • KPI setup and tracking
  • Project reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Training
  • Ongoing CrunchBoards support

Over the past 5 months of using CrunchBoards we haven’t looked back, but looked forward to the continual experience and the beauty it creates from data. Along with CrunchBoards, we prefer to sell you an experience, not just software.

I hope you find the beauty that we have found in this dashboard reporting software, because then you’ll see why we not only like CrunchBoards, but love it!


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