Every now and again I get to experience a moment with my customers that just seems magical. An inflection point in their business, hitting sales goals, wrapping out a year of huge growth, whatever it may be.

I had a call today with a customer that I really wanted to share. For some time, this customer has been investing in several marketing outlets to find the right recipe for their business. And they found a strategy that is really starting to pay off. They are based in LA and produce live action videos for huge companies like Magento, Netsuite and many more.

In our call today they were excited to announce that they had landed several huge new gigs through their new marketing channel, and also finished production on a video about none other than my favorite software partner, Xero.

As I look across the list of customers we work with here at Lucid Books, I can’t help but feel fulfilled working with people that not only work their butts of every day, but are actually achieving their goals and dreams.

Congrats Buzz Lab on your new customers and making an awesome video about my favorite software company! Take a look at the sweet video they produced as a Wpromote testimonial.  You won’t be disappointed.




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