Virtual CFO & Advisory

We understand that accounting is really a means to end. That end is to produce accurate metrics and information that is valuable to the business. We have virtual CFOs that have experience in a variety of industries and can help you see through the fog of accounting and answer meaningful questions for your business.

A Goal-Based Approach

Our main focus as your adviser is to achieve alignment between your goals and its current operations. This may seem simple, but if most companies do this analysis, they’ll find that the operations are rarely surfacing information up to management to achieve these goals, or in many cases, there are large gaps and risks that are hindering achievement. Our approach is to establish clear business objectives and then to work to align the business processes up with those goals.


Here are a few examples of how you can leverage us to achieve your goals:
  • Set up an annual budget for your business
  • Expense analysis to find where you can cut back and not affect operations or sales
  • Manage residual cash to receive better returns
  • Prepare your business for outside investment or bank loan requirements
  • Have a second, experienced voice to talk to about strategic decisions
  • Track essential financial KPI’s
  • Perform month end close procedures
  • SEC Compliance

We hope you realize you can receive all these services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time controller. And most companies are overspending to get the same information. Our advisers will be involved and learn your business from day one, and be invested to help you succeed.

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