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When you’re starting a company, every decision feels terrifying and insanely important. Deciding on how I wanted to structure my company was one of those hard decisions, and it took some serious thought and research to decide which way to go.


By the time I was ready to start LucidBooks, I was already very engaged with Xero and was working as a freelance accountant. I knew I wanted to add more accountants and administrative and marketing help to my team in order to grow our business the way I wanted. What I wasn’t sure of, though, was whether to dive into the world of remote marketing, or invest in an actual office space and hire local employees.


Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to create a business totally online and be free of the bulk that came along with an office. I was fluent enough in technology ┬áto know it was possible. I even knew it was the logical choice. But having the courage to actually do it was another issue.


I’m not sure why it was so hard for me to commit to this idea. I think that, despite my own knowledge of the industry, my old fashioned idea of what a business “should” look like was spooking me. The words “fad”, “uncertain” and “risky” came up a lot when I discussed the idea with friends. I just didn’t feel confident.


But in the end, I went for it. Because I knew that with tools like Skype, Hubspot, and Xero, I’d always be connected. I knew that using the cloud, I could provide top rate service to clients all over the country. And I knew that I could do it all without wasting resources on an office.


It worked. As of today, I have clients in ___ different states and a team that works together from all over the globe. I have contributed to bringing Xero into a totally new domain in the United States, and I have succeeded in building a company that relies on technology and the cloud to stay connected.

There hasn’t been a single moment when I have regretted not having a local office, and I just want to encourage anyone thinking of going this route to go for it. I truly believe that the cloud is the future, and remote businesses are the key to sustainable enterprise in the coming years.