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Had an awesome time at my 3rd Xerocon USA last week.  Here are a few highlights!


Monday marked the first time I got to hang out and speak to a room full of 130+ developers.  I felt very alone. I later found out that there were a couple accountants in the room, but they were too embarrassed to raise their hands when I asked. I did learn a key point from the presentation though:

Making fun of your own profession is a good way to win over another profession.  


Soon after that, Erik Felsted and I went and did a workshop for a few other accountants on the dental industry vertical and using Xero and apps to solve some industry headaches.  Erik hit a home run in the workshop and incited a lot of good conversation around solving the problems the industry faces.



That night the CEO of Xero sat in with members of XPAC and we had a nice chat over some good food.  I can’t say enough how awesome I think the management of Xero is. They show they care about their customers more than any other company of worked with.



Had an amazing keynote by Rod in the morning on the future of accounting and how big data will push accounting to it’s next inflection point, with ramming speed toward AI.


We next had a spiritual revival at the next keynote with a Hindu Monk named Dan Dapani.  He was brilliant. I loved this quote below. This definitely gave me a push to change a few things in my life.



Last day of Xercon. Connected with some great people doing amazing things with software and services. And I can’t help but give a shout out to Greg Kyte (conference MC) for making the whole conference so dang funny.


Had a great Keynote by Mel Robbins, the creator of “the 5 second rule”.



And that was a wrap!  If you had any other fun moments at Xerocon you want to share, please share in the comments below.  We love hearing from all our friends/partners/customers.



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